6 Ultimate Tips to Find the Best 4X4 Part Store [Ultimate Guide]

Are you planning on modifying your 4×4? You might be confused about which seller to work with, as there are so many options on the market. We’ve discussed all the points to consider. Some of them include warranty, price, refund-policy, and reputation. Read ahead if you want to know what the rest are.

1.      Extent of Warranty

Look at the warranty that you would be getting carefully. You want to buy from a store that will give you as best of coverage as possible. 4X4 parts can be expensive, after all.

Most of the time, the stores that have been around the longest offer the best coverage. Check what other off-roaders have said too. You might find out that the shops that you didn’t think of happen to offer great coverage.

2.      Price Range

As 4×4 parts can be expensive, looking around before settling would be smart too. You would be able to see who offers the part you’re looking for at the best price. Once again, look at what other users have said. You might be surprised to see that a store that you thought otherwise offers the best prices.

Don’t be afraid to buy from sellers that are out of town. There might be a couple that offer cheaper prices than the sellers in your area.

3.      Brand Availability

Let’s say you want to buy an exhaust system – there are hundreds of brands on the market. Working with shops that offer many brands is smart, as you would be able to make the best choice.

4.      Reputation & Trustworthiness

Even if the above boxes are checked, you shouldn’t work with a seller if they don’t have the best reputation. They could try and rip you off, or sell you a part that is not the best quality.

Some stores are partnered with specific brands. For example,OffRoad is the trusted provider of Addictive Desert Designs. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting sold a fake part with them.

5.      Return Policy

Look into a seller’s refund policy too. If a part you buyfrom them hasa defect, you wouldn’t have to worry. Your money would be returned if the issue can’t be fixed.

Of course, different shops offer different refund policies. Go for the ones that offer the most extensive policies.

6.      Installation of Parts

Lastly, check whether the shop can do the installations for you. Theylikely would not be able to, so you will have to speak to a mechanic. However, some stores do the installation themselves, which makes things easier. Always keep an eye out for them.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything that was discussed, what do you think about everything mentioned? There are several points to consider when choosing a shop to buy 4X4 parts from. Some of them include the warranty that you’ll be getting, as well as price ranges and the brands that are available. Pricing and warranty are especially important as SUV parts can be expensive.