7 Surprisingly Simple Style Tips to Rock Your Way Through Pregnancy

Stylish looks and ultra-comfort can hardly become synonymous in pregnancy, or so they think! Here are some simple style tips to make you feel like a million bucks through your pregnancy.

Flowy Tops

There’s something about loose, flowy tops that can make a woman with a baby bump look charming and cheerful. These tops fit beautifully and effortlessly over your bump, making you look so much at ease.

There is absolutely no harm if you are thinking of getting a couple of breastfeeding tops and start wearing them during your pregnancy. Shop breastfeeding tops online to find a few flowy types that you should absolutely love.

Elastic Waistbands are a Must!

This again, is a huge tip for superior levels of comfort. Be it maternity jeans, leggings, or a pair of joggers, choosing those with elasticized bands will ensure you wouldn’t ditch them a couple of months later, even sooner, owing to discomfort as your belly grows. The second-best thing about elastic bands is that you’d fit into them post pregnancy, too.

Choose Easy Wears

If you got yourself a shift dress for instance, made from relatively thick, knit fabric, you are likelier to use it throughout your pregnancy, from the point where you just might feel like concealing your bump in the early days, all the way up till your due date when you simply want something comfy and pretty at the same time. 

Get Yourself a Winter Coat

As you progress in your pregnancy, it is not going to be easy fitting or feeling comfortable or great in the coats and jackets that are sitting in your wardrobe already. Consider getting a stylish winter coat instead. These are usually loose and will embrace you, and keep your comfortable as you grow into it

Collect Long Tops

Keep in mind that, when your bump keeps

, you are going to need longer tops. Thus, start collecting until you’ve got a good collection of knit, jersey long tops that go down, a little past your hip. It’s not just about length, but style and appeal, too. Make sure you’ve gotten yourselfdifferent designs and colours that will make you look stylish and happy mom to be!

Don’t Forget Your Accessories!

There is nothing you need to stress over when it comes to accessories because fortunately or unfortunately, there is no such thing as maternity accessories. Have a selection of bold earrings, a scarf or two in vivid patterns and bright colours, and a prominent hat to suit the season of course, that should add a little punch to your outfits whenever you feel they need some enhancement.

Go Bold with Your Lips or Nails, or Both!

Opting for bold and bright lipstick or nail polish could give you the little kick that you’d really badly need on some or most of your pregnancy days. If your jeans and tee combo isn’t giving you enough motivation,finish it off with a pop of color on your lip and nails. Just make sure any make up you use are the 100% safe, cruelty free type.