Red flags of shared office spaces – and the solution

Not all companies get the chance to have their own buildings and office spaces. When entrepreneurs understood that there was a credible need, the birth of shared office spaces happened. In the present, there are more than enough shared corporate spaces in Australia, but not all of them live up tpyjeexpecyatsions – in fact, some are way below par.

So, we’re going to point out at some of the red flags you’d find in some office spaces. While needleless to say that you shouldn’t choose such options, we’re also going to give you the solution.

Opened hours = regular office hours

Most of the businesses sure run for 8-4 or perhaps 5 at most. But there are some businesses’ that cannot operate during these hours. Sometimes, it’s your choice to work in the night with the coworkers. Hence, it’s a massive limitation, and a red flag, when you’re stuck with regular office hours.

Requirement to pay separately for parking and Wi-Fi

What difference does it make when you have to pay for your parking and Wi-Fi when you’re already paying an amount for the office? It’s not as if there are any other clients that should be more important to the building, and these are two services that shouldn’t be charged separately at all.

Security is borderline questionable

We don’t think iy’s required to elaborate on how security should be in general, and you’d know if it’s questionable when you see it.

Spaces are not exactly serviced

There should be boardrooms, cafés, and all the office essentials in whatever the shared office space you’re settling down for. Not choosing serviced offices in Brisbane or even partially services ones is only going to cost you extra.

The company doesn’t allow you to see the lots

Choosing lots that are only verbally desvirbed can turn out to be quite unpleasant surprises. Why should you do things the hard way when it’s completely reasonable to be wanting to see what you’re paying for?

The solution

The solution is pretty simple; a shared office space where the services have none of the above mentioned shortcomings. For example, the office should be open after the regular office hours because it’s a substutie for an office; you should have the choice of selection. Parking and Wi-Fi are more or less prerequisites of a great shared office space, and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for that at all. Then we comes to the problem of security; the guard shouldn’t leave the premises at any time – security should be present 24/7 in the absolute best way. We do not think that we have to point out that it’s such a huge waste of money to pay for an shared workspace if it isn’t services. And finally, your service provider must let you see the lots before you make any payment.

If there are companies that fulfill all of the above facilities, that’s your ideal shared workspace.

Final thoughts

The success and the efficiency of your employees as a whole depends on the office they work at. So, as the person who makes the decisions, now you know where you should be heading.

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