Tips for Hiring a Topless Waiter for a Hens Night

There are many activities that you can plan for when it comes to a hens night. The main goal of the evening is to give the bride-to-be a night to remember and have the guests enjoy themselves. It is an easy goal but you need to make sure that you plan it perfectly. And if your entertainment includes a topless male waiter, this is the aspect that you have to plan first as it will be your main entertainment throughout the night.

So now that you have the idea to have a topless waiter for the evening, how do you go about with the hiring process? They are serious eye candy and they will make sure that a bit of spice is added to the night. You can search for topless waiters bachelorette party          online to see the search result that you get. It will give you an idea of where to start looking and whether there are places in your vicinity that will provide this service. First, you need to understand what a topless waiter will do. They will help set up the table and decorations. This will give you some time to make sure that everyone is settled and hyped up waiting for the entertainment to start. They will carry out the duties of a waiter which is serving and preparing food (in this case, preparation will include setting up pre-made food and mixing cocktails in a sexy manner) while giving their own flair to the job. They will be fun and flirty and make sure that everyone has a great time.

The topless waiter will be involved in the hens party games as well and this will allow you to plan games that revolve around the waiter. You need to make sure what cocktails you are expecting them to make and it will be better if you can provide recipes so they will be able to make it exactly the way you like it. Make sure that the bride’s favourite cocktail is refreshed at all times. The waiters will also help after the party by tidying up and cleaning. They will also take photos when required and make sure that all the guests make it home safely. But make sure that you let the company know of your requirements so that there is no confusion about what can or cannot be done.

You can speak to the waiter as well when they come and give them a rundown of what you expect them to do and whether they are uncomfortable with any of the activities. You can ask whether body shots and lap dances are part of the package as well. You also need to know how many topless waiters to book. If it is a small party like about 10 guests, one topless waiter will be sufficient. But for anything more than that, you can book more than one waiter. You also need to consider how much attention the guests will need and this will help you determine whether one waiter is enough or not.

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