Top reasons why aluminum doors/windows are better over timber

The timber used to be the prime material for so many types of components in a property; flooring, ceilings, furniture, and this list goes on. But now we’re in the 2020s, and it isn’t the same with better solutions on board – especially when it comes to doors and windows.

This solution is none other than aluminum. In this read, we’re going to tell you exactly why it’s always better to go for aluminum doors and windows instead of making them from timber.

Better overall strength

If you ever come across any blog that talks about the strength factor of timber, you’d see how some manufacturers tend to mislead clients by saying that timber was the strongest. In fact, there is an instance when timber becomes stronger than aluminum – but those timbers aren’t used to doors or windows. Hence, when it comes to the applicable context, aluminum is what has the best strength.

Extremely cost-effective

Using treated timber that is stronger than aluminum is going to break your bank. Even if you went for well-treated timber that’s close to the quality of aluminum, it’s still going to cost you handsomely due to the rarity of such trees. That problem is absent when it comes to aluminum since there are more than enough raw materials. This drops their prices.

No room for contractions or expanding

We cannot stress just how responsible anything made from wood is to temperature and pressure differences. Even if the door or the window was inside, there’s always going to be considering expansion and contractions within the material.

This results in sagging or hogging of the doors or windows making them hard to open or close. That doesn’t happen with aluminum in the tiniest bit. Because of that, you don’t have to realign your aluminum doors and windows or even replace them.

Higher resistance to water

What would happen if a piece of wood is exposed to moisture excessively? Definitely not anything good. Let it be the discoloring, the warping, or even the decaying as a whole, none of these problems will be there with aluminum doors or windows.

Contemporary look as a whole

As we mentioned earlier, there used to be a time when treated timber sure ruled the world. But in the present, we’re moving more towards a metallic style since it brings functional quality along with the looks. This look of aluminum is so unique and different from what you’ve seen in residential and commercial properties that overuse timber. Hence, even in the looks compartment, aluminum is in the front.

Safety against termites

This doesn’t have to be elaborated – no matter how treated the timber is, termites will find their way, and that risk is absent with aluminum doors and windows.

In conclusion

The biggest reason we can point out, in conclusion, is the presence of reliable service providers as a whole. When all the benefits come under that, wouldn’t you be getting one of the best investments that you can make on your property? Of course, you would.

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