What to Know About Applying for the Global Talent Independent Programme in Australia

The Global Talent Independent Programme is a way of bringing skilled individuals to Australia. Their skill will be in different industries that are in demand currently. You will be able to enter Australia and work if you are eligible for this programme and you will be able to access priority processing as well.

There are two different streams that you can follow for global Talent visa subclass 858 such as the Global Talent Employers Sponsored (GTES) and the Global Talent Independent Program Visa (GTI). There are about fifteen thousand positions that are available each year for highly skilled individuals. If you are eligible, your visa will be given priority when it comes to processing. Generally, the processing time can be quite long if you are using other methods of migration. The good thing about this programme is that there is no age limit as to who should apply. You don’t need to look for job opportunities in the country to be sponsored so this will cut down the time you have to wait considerably as well. Where you are residing when you apply for this programme does not matter. However, there are some visa types where you need to be in a different country when applying and this is not something that will affect your application in this case.

If you are provided with this visa, you will be able to live in Australia permanently and you can work anywhere in the country. There is no limitation on the duration which you can work. The public health care programme in Australia will be accessible to you as well and you can apply for it once your visa is approved. If you have children, they will be eligible for free schooling provided by the state. There are certain qualifications that you need to have to be eligible for the Global Talent programme.  There are specific sectors that are focused on in this programme and you need to be skilled in one of these sectors. You should have a skill that is recognised internationally. There is also a minimum salary limit to what you are earning currently. You should also have a PhD in one of the sectors that this programme is looking for.

There should be a nominator who will be able to endorse you as required by the application. This person should have a reputation nationally in the same sector that you specialise in and they should be eligible to be considered a nominee as well. They should be a permanent resident of the country, an eligible Australian or a New Zealand citizen. They can also be an Australian organisation that has a reputation in Australia as per your chosen sector. There are also different checks you need to pass with regard to your health, what you are as a person, security checks etc. Before you apply for a visa, you need to submit an Expression of Interest to be on the list to be considered for the programme.

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