4 Tips to Achieve the Luxe Look

Do you have a glamourous party heading your way? You have gotten your outfit in mind, but when it comes to makeup do you tend to be in a fix? If you are looking for answers, then keep on reading. When it comes to formal events, parties and weddings, many people can rock the outfit and forget to be equally as stunning with their makeup look.

Don’t you want to have every part of you giving off a complete look, especially when you have been invited into an exclusive event? If you are struggling with achieving the glam look you have always desired, here are four major tips to help you get there:

1.      Get the Full Coverage

When you are going for the glamour, you need the full cover for it! Make sure you have a full coverage foundation. You definitely do not want any fine lines, black spots or any other blemishes being too visible before heading in for any big event or even a small cocktail party.

Make sure you utilize a blender and colour correction in order to make sure you cover up any pigmentation issues and even out you skin tone smoothly. Do your research and buy face makeup that will help you get the full coverage you need before your next event.

2.      Use the Glitter and Metallic

Your everyday makeup look is not going to cut it here. Say goodbye to your neutral browns, we need that smoky eye or that statement eyeshadow. By bold here, we are talking about vibrant metallic textures and glitters that will make your eyes sparkle as the light hits your face!

This is the very essence of glam, your eyeshadow is what brings your luxe look together. Keep the drama in your eyes, opt for a more neutral tone on your lips if you don’t want to go too hard on the glam scale or choose to go full on and make a statement of glamour nobody can deny.

3.      Keep your Eyeliner in Liquid state

Do not and I repeat, DO NOT go for your basic pencil eyeliner. If you are going glam, you are going liquid and that’s the end of the story. Using pencil eyeliner could lead to a high risk of a smudge hazard and nothing looks as unglamorous and unpolished as some smudged up eyeliner.

You could go for a sleek-winged eyeliner in liquid form to give off an elegantly glam look that will have people stunned as you walk by. What is that saying again? “The eyes Chica, they never lie.” Keep your eyeliner fresh, full and classy to achieve the luxe look of your dreams.

4.      Do not Skip the Lip Liner

This is one step in the makeup routine, a majority of women tend to neglect regardless of the occasion. When you are heading into a formal or glamorous event, you have to look like you have been invited. Unlined lips could lead to a disaster! Your lips could look unfinished and choosing to skip this step could take away from all your efforts on foundation or eyes. Keep your lip shape classy and embody perfection in your whole look.

Follow these tips and you’ll be the complete luxe package at the next event!