The Perfect Cup of Australian Tea

Australian tea is a lovely and one-of-a-kind tea which is not only 100 percent Australian, but is also completely harvested by Australians. These teas have herbal and earthy flavours which have long been utilized for its soothing and relaxing properties.

Bush Black Tea

Because the tea leaves in black tea are fully matured, it does not deteriorate during storage. While most teas may only survive a few days or weeks before degrading, black tea can last months or even years if properly stored. Black tea can be served with milk and/or a sweetener. Hot black tea with milk and sugar is a popular beverage in the West. Restaurants frequently provide iced tea that has already been sweetened.

Strawberry Gum Native Tea

Strawberry gum is a natural Australian plant that may be found in the eastern part of the country. Indigenous Australians chew the leaves to get a taste of the unusual fruity flavour. Enjoy Herbal Strawberry Gum Tea as a hot or cold beverage, or add it to sweet or savoury recipes for a distinctive flavour boost.

Peppermint Gum Native Tea

Peppermint gum leaves are used in Australia as a flavouring and for their aromatic scent, with a strong, sweet mint aroma and taste. The minty fresh leaves are supposed to help with focus, liver function, and digestive system calmness. The leaves were also used to produce a tea to cure fevers by Aboriginal Australians.

Thyme Native Tea

Thyme is a bushy plant with an aromatic flavour. Thyme is also high in minerals and vitamins, which are beneficial to one’s health. This Australian bush tea is high in vitamin C, potassium, and manganese, which are all important for bone formation. Thyme has antibacterial properties. It can even be used to treat throat irritation and infections as a mouthwash.

Round Leaf Mint Native Tea

Round leaf mint has a long history of usage as a medicinal plant for headaches and colds. By steeping round leaf mint in hot water, you may prepare a pleasant herbal tisane. Round leaf mint relieves indigestion, soothes the digestive tract, and relieves cramps.

Green Tea First Harvest

Green tea is a form of tea that hasn’t been subjected to the same draining process as black teas. Green tea has been praised for its health advantages for millennia. Green tea use has been shown to improve skin health, aid weight reduction, and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease in studies. Due to the amino acid present in the tea leaves, this tea will have a somewhat sweeter flavour than you’re used to.

Cinnamon Myrtle Tea

Cinnamon myrtle is a subtropical Australian plant that tastes like cinnamon but has a distinct Australian flavour and aroma. It has been used as a tea and culinary aid for many years. This herb provides a soothing medicinal tea that can help with dyspepsia, heartburn, and digestive problems. Moreover, its caffeine free!

If you feel that you are in a mood to try some delicious Australian tea, go for it. The Teas are full of goodness and add a different kind of taste to the regular tea you sip. You would experience something new by trying out these flavour some teas.

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