Common Chemicals Used on Hot Tubs

Both swimming pools and hot tubs contain water. However, unlike in a swimming pool, the water in a hot tub in really warm which makes it a perfect breeding ground for microorganisms. These microorganisms can make people sick when taken into the body. Just like pools, hot tubs also need to be maintained regularly to make it a safe place where you can chill out.

If you’re a new hot tub owner, it could get confusing which chemicals to use with so many brands and types out there. To help you out, here are the basic chemicals that you can use to maintain a hot tub.

Water Balancers

Just like pool water, spa water also needs to be balanced. You need to consider the pH level and the hardness of the water. Basically, there are 3 balancers that are commonly used – pH increaser, pH reducer, and calcium hardness booster. Test the water regularly to know which balancers are needed.


Through time, your hot tub will look dirty because of the dirt and other contaminants that have accumulated in the surfaces. To keep your hot tub sparkling clean, be sure to clean all the surfaces regularly. From the tub itself to other accessories, there are spa cleaners that are specifically formulated to be used on hot tubs. You should never use household cleaners to clean the tub since it can cause damage to the surfaces.


If your spa water isn’t that clear yet the filter is also clean, the problem could be the water itself. It could be that the contaminants are too tiny to get filtered, making the water look cloudy. A clarifier makes these tiny particles clump together in a bigger lump, making it easier to get trapped in the filter and resulting in a crystal-clear spa water.


Microorganisms such as algae and moulds can proliferate quickly in warm temperatures making the hot tub a perfect growing place. To keep your hot tub clean on a daily basis, you need to add a sanitizing agent to kill microorganisms that are floating around. Bromine and chlorine are the most common sanitizers used on hot tubs. These spa chemicals are perfect in maintaining the cleanliness of the water every day as long as it is maintained on an active level.

Spa Shock

Lastly, you’ll need to shock your hot tub on certain times to clean it thoroughly. A spa shock also works like a sanitizer but it is faster-acting and is easily dissolved in spa water. A spa shock is a perfect way to clean up all those microorganisms that might have survived the sanitizer. It is also advisable to shock the tub after heavy use or when you need to resolve several spa waters issues at once.

Before using any spa chemical, be sure to read the label first to know how to properly use it. With those essential spa chemicals, you can maintain and keep your hot tub clean and safe at all times.