The #1 mistake shared property owners make – and the solution

Real estate is always going to be the type of asset whose value almost never drops. Thus, being a property owner is that job where you don’t have to do anything and make money. Out of all the property types, shared properties, or strata properties are one of the easiest ways to make money faster.

But there’s one sabotaging mistake that shared property owners make, especially the new owners, and we’re going to dissect the subject and give you the solution for that.

So, what’s the #1 mistake?

This mistake is none other than not hiring a strata management company. If you’re planning to hire an independently working property manager, then that could be identified as a derivation of the #1 problem. Because, unlike intimidating and well-established companies, individually working property managers will not be that effective.

Why has it come to the very top?

There’s no doubt that there were a number of mistakes, but the reason why it has become the #1 can be understood like this. The role of the manager is not just to deal with the individual lot owners, but also to maintain the common areas, and also to look for new property development opportunities. So, when these crucial operations are absent how can you expect to run a hassle-free and profitable strata scheme?

Is the rectification expensive?

It’s not! in fact, having a manager on board is one of the strengths that allow you to manage the properties with the greatest ease. If you’re the kind who doesn’t want to be bothered by any of the long paperwork except for the most essential ones, having a well functional strata scheme management company is all you need. And is it expensive? Absolutely not. Let us move to the next point to disclose just how affordable it is.

The best recommendation

Our best recommendation is none other than strata united – why? for all the reasons why they’re better than any handpicked company of your choice. Being the pioneer of strata scheme management, the fee for a lot for the entire year is just 99$ and that’s 8.25$ per month will all the services be included in one package. That’s exactly why this becomes our best recommendation for your need despite the scale and the type.

Probably the #2 mistake

Although we’re talking about the #1 mistake, it doesn’t hurt to know more, isn’t it? This mistake is settling down for contracts that hold you too long in lousy strata management companies, or simply not switching when it’s time. When you know it’s time, switching to the best company in the field is what you should do.

In conclusion

Our conclusion is pretty simple – running strata schemes without proper management is not a good decision at all. After all, it’s not like there isn’t any solution for you. If you can be freed from the management responsibility in a responsible way, that’s exactly what you should do. In doing so, all you need is to join hands with one company.

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